Made At Home

Freshly squeezed and bottled cordials that are 'Made At Home' So you don't have to!

We use only whole fruits and make everything in small batches,

using only small amounts of sugar to retain the full flavour of the fruit.

Fresh, Sharp and traditionally  made Lemonade.

We also hand label and bottle each and every one to ensure the highest level of love and care has gone into each bottle.

Fresh Lemon juice is all that is used.






Pure lemonade

Made from freshly squeezed Lemons and a little sugar. Thats it!

So when water is added (still or sparkling) you have a sharp traditional cloudy Lemonade.


pink lemonade

Our Pink Lemonade consists only of freshly squeezed lemons, freshly pureed raspberries and sugar.

Sweeter and softer than the Pure Lemonade but bursting with flavour.


ginger beer

Our Ginger Beer made using whole Ginger root, freshly squeezed Lemons and a little sugar.

It has a firey kick that just keeps going!


Mulling syrup

Produced using freshly squeezed oranges, freshly ground whole spices and brown sugar. Mix one part mulling syrup to ten parts of your choice of juice or alcohol and heat through. As its a liquid the freshly ground spices in the mulling syrup smoothly and quickly infuse the drink. 

Yummy Recipies we like here at

Made At Home

These products are so versatile. they can be used as classic traditional drinks. Basic mixers for spirits, or so much more. Slushies, limoncello, sorbets, baking, and the list goes on!

we enjoy these featured recipes so much.... be sure to follow our blog for any future developed goodies


Gin Fizz

25ml of any flavour(pink is a fav)

25/50ml Gin

Top up with prosecco

Happy days xxx


Non-alcoholic pimms

25ml of Pink Lemonade Cordial

Half fill with Orange Juice

Top up with Sparkling water

Add ice, chopped friut and a sprig of mint!


Yummy Whatevers

A shot of any cordial(can combine)

Add a shot or two of a spirit, enjoy on the rocks just like this.

Or top this up with sparkling water, ice and mint for

Very Happy Days!





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Every order and delivery is different so please feel free to contact us by simply filling in the contact form below or give Jenna a call. We can make your own bespoke flavours, sizes and adjust sweetness too.

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Come say Hello!

Made At Home pop up at festivals and events all year round. We would love to meet you.

Look out for special cocktail events, definately too good to miss.

Follow our Blog and Social Media sites to stay up to date with forthcoming events.


MAde at Home

Made At Home is all about getting juiced up! We are experimenting all the time with new freshly made flavours.

Always worth having a look at whats on offer!


We at Made At Home are extremely excited to be returning to our regular festival pitches as well as excepting invitations to many new ones too. So bring on the sunshine. Look for us at LostFest, quay fair day and Board Masters, Newlyn Fish Festival, Flambards Christmas fair and Lost Gardens of Heligan. Follow our Blog for more and up to date events.


We are proud to be involved in various weekly/monthly markets hosted in sennen, Mousehole and Helston where there are a fabulous range of Cornish products available. 


Look out for these fresh cordials being stocked and served by great retailers in Cornwall. Such as Dibble & Grub, Mexico Inn, Juliet's Garden, Stevensons Fish shop. and more.

Christmas Markets

Made At Home Mulling Syrup is around from september through till january. We are found usually serving cups of spiced juice with or without a shot or two of Rum! Helps with the festive shopping!